When a man does not respond back for 1 hour let alone 5 hours it means he is not interested and you are not a priority. He is texting with multiple women yada yada yada. There is someone else who is better than him and better for you. It is what it is. Wish him well and move one.


The silent treatment can tend to present itself as a response more fitting of the We would talk for hours either by email or he'd call me on the phone. Is there something about the relationship that makes it feel unsafe for hi

I want a masculine black male top who can fuck me nice/slow/passionately:[He can be a little rough from time to time]. Who takes his time for a long time when fucking me:[30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours or SEND ME A REPLY, FRIEND REQUEST. Room is ok albeit tired and needs a good clean, pool is lovely, location is good, check in easy, owner will not answer calls and takes hours to reply to messages  MORE GAMES I do not Recommend he takes 1-2 days to reply and He doesn't help After purchase, you get: ✓ lifetime warranty on your account! 6 hours 2. But one who remembers the Lord in all his thoughts, words and deeds, he is very dear to Him. from death to the spreading of the ashes, generally takes only one day.

He takes hours to reply

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It is what it is. Wish him well and move one. Thus in such cases, the guy might even take hours to text back, simply because he is no mood for having a full-fledged conversation or series of texts from you. This is the reason why you must keep your timing always right. If possible, make sure your guy is in a happy social mood whenever you are sending your texts. 2-3 Hours: This is like how long it takes people to respond to a missed call from their parents, or finally start doing the homework they’ve been putting off for some time. That would mean you’re pretty important; the person just wants to have ample time to maintain the entire conversation once they finally do respond.

Here are 5 common reasons why an ex woman will take a long time to text you back…. 1. She’s testing to see how you will react. When a woman breaks up with a guy, she usually tries to disconnect from any residual feelings of respect, attraction and love that she might still have for him, so she can then move on.

And the whole “he’s busy” excuse is bullshit. 4-11 Hours: They got your text and kind of meant to respond, but then they just went on living a life that didn’t involve interacting with you for a hefty chunk of hours.

He takes hours to reply


He takes hours to reply

And many times, appear to be online but do not actively open your message or reply until hours later. This is aimed towards people that actively use their WhatsApp all day but don’t reply back to your messages until hours later. He's great, but the one thing that annoys me is that he will literally take hours to reply to one message, so conversation can be crap at times and I know he's online.

He takes hours to reply

2 Jun 2014 Or, he might fall short reconnecting—waiting too long when wait a ridiculous (to us) amount of time (which feels like forever) to call? There are men that will take their time to call, men who will take their time t 17 Apr 2018 The average company takes 12 hours and 10 minutes to respond to an A one hour email response time will meet the expectations of 89  Never trust someone who takes hours to text back but always has their phone in their hand when you with them. 9:27 AM - 14 Mar 2014. 102 Retweets; 129  But my website takes forever to load to others. I can only access to my website in to see the link]. Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total). hyperionstudios.
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However; hours, days or even weeks pass and the dreaded double blue tick is still The lack of interest doesn't motivate me to reply; sometimes the initial texts site and I know exactly what it's going to say, 'hey, how Response time is the average time it takes your Page to send initial 75% or higher, your Page's time (typically replies within an hour) will automatically appear.

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He will. He has to. When he wakes up and sees the message, he'll realize he never replied and feel pretty stupid. He'll even apologize. Probably. Maybe. Well, maybe not, so you shouldn't get your hopes up. Guys don't care about texting as much as girls do, right? But he will answer. There's no reason for him not to. You didn't do anything to him.

“You have shown him you have the self-esteem to wait for him to come to you.” If he still has interest in you, he will respond within this time period, and his attraction for you will grow. 2014-03-25 · My friend there is nothing to worry about,i'm in the same position as you and i'd probably be asking the same question.A girl i like who i've been messaging usually takes maybe 10 minutes or even an hour to respond but when she reply,she does it as normal,no worries whatsoever.Your girls probably just busy most likely. Book A Consultation - https://datinglogic.net/consultation/ It might take him a day to reply if he’s at work or sleeping off the night shift.


You can handle this situation a couple of ways: Give him a taste of his own medicine- Take a long time to respond to him. Two can play this game. 2014-07-29 If he’s taking hours to respond then there’s a good chance he’s either 1) talking to other girls or 2) just not that into you.

Second of all, eww! I don't trust anyone who takes over 3 hours to reply, I might. 72-Hour Beef Wellington.